Solar Panels  6 Sanyo 190 watt 55 VDC panels, connected in pairs.   ~11.4 kwh (kilowattt hours) daily total (10-hour summer day) on custom tilting rack               Spec sheet

Combiner box    Outback FWPV6 Combiner Box: 3 dc circuit breakers combine power from 3 pairs of panels                       Spec sheet          Quick Start Guide

                                        DC wiring between combiner box is #4 stranded insulated copper cable

Charge Controller   Outback Flexmax80 MPPT Solar Charge Controller: smart control of battery charging                              Spec sheet         Manual      Quick Start

Battery   42 LI-ion battery modules (each containing 8 internal cells) recycled from a Nissan Leaf.

          A 2012 Nissan leaf had 48 of these modules, so the trailer has 87.5% of that capacity.

          The Leaf was rated at 24 kwh (kilowatt hours) of energy storage, so that trailer has approximately 21 kwh (actual performance will probably be a bit less).

          Each module is 8 volts fully charged (Capacity: 41Ah Maximum Continuous Charge & Discharge Current: 130A)

          6 batteries are connected in parallel to create one bank. That's still 8 volts  Connections are made with bolted copper bus strips, 1.5 wide, 1/4" thick

          7 of those packs are connected in series. That's ~ 48 volts (56, sure, but this system runs at 48 VDC)

          Drawing of battery layout in trailer

                     Description of Nissan Leaf batteries     (note: our Leaf batteries are from first generation Leafs (2011-2015)

Inverter     Outback VFXR Series Grid - Hybrid Renewable Energy System: creates household-type 110 Volt AC power              Service Manual        Data Sheet     Manual

                        DC wiring between battery and inverter is #4 or larger stranded insulated copper cable.

Cut Off Box       Fused master switch for one touch diconnection of all AC external power

Service Box    Standard household-style service box which distributes AC to 6 external household-type weatherproof  AC outlets on the outside of the trailer.

                  Each outlet has its own 20 amp switchable circuit breaker.    The breakers are Square D Advanced Ground Fault and Combination Arc Fault

                  All AC wiring between inverter and service box is #6 stranded copper wire, rated for 60 amps continuous use.

                  Each outlet is wired with #12 single strand insulated copper wire, rated for 20 amps continuous use

AC outlets    6 external household-type weatherproof  AC outlets on the outside of the trailer.     Each outlet is its own 20 amp switchable circuit breaker.

                   Trailer rental includes all the 3 conductor grounded extension cords you'll need.

Information & Monitoring Systems

Outback MATE3          Overview Guide        Programming Guide         Menu Map

Flexnet DC               Datasheet                 Manual

Hub4 System communications manager           User manual        Quick Start guide

These communicate with the Flexmax Charge Controller & the VFXR Inverter to control, monitor, optimize, and report panel and battery performance.


Solar Trailer

Technical Documents