We also rent, deliver, set up and run PA systems.

We can also rent guitar, bass, keyboard amps, and even drums.

Tell us what you need, and we'll give you a very competitive price.

Our PA system can get a medium sized venue (~200 people) rockin'.

We can of course provide smaller setups...

We use active Yamaha speakers, subwoofers, and floor monitors, with additional Klipsch floor monitors. Crisp.

We use Mackie mixers, with enough direct ins and microphones for a 6 piece band.

And we've got wireless microphones, for toasts & best-man speeches.

Guitar amps for rent:

Fender Dual Showman (1970) recommended with Celestion 2x12 cabinet   gigantic sound

Mesa-Boogie DC-3 combo   a beast

Sano 1960's tube amp with reverb & tremelo  1x12 combo   shimmers like ice

Hilgen 1960's tube amp with reverb and tremelo 1x12 combo   velvet curtains

Silvertone 1470 1960's tube amp 1x10 combo (my fave...nothin' like it!)

Lectrolab 1950's 1x8 combo tiny terror

Hartke Bass amp + 1 or 12 15 inch cabinets. Very, very solid