Solar Power delivery

We have a robust, reliable, &

great looking trailer

with 1100 production watts of CLEAN, QUIET solar electricity. This is sufficient for small and medium sized events (for example, an outdoor wedding with a band).

The trailer has a robust battery back up (a salvaged Nissan Leaf Li-Ion battery pack). The trailer is equipped with USB and laptop charging stations, as well as an air compressor for bicycle tires.

...That GREEN Solar VIBE...

Our trailer is equipped with real time informatics that show power generated and consumed. We can add a green theme to any event.

The trailer has 6 recycled Sanyo 190 watt photvoltaic panels installed on the roof. That's 1140 watts of solar electricity, with the capacity to plug in more panels (and a 5-bicycle, 200 watt generator!) outboard if so desired.

The Battery pack consists of 42 recycled Nissan Leaf Li-Ion batteries. That's 34 kWh of storage. Or about 3 days of electricity consumption for a typical US house. More than enough to run an off-grid wedding with a PA system & a band.

The trailer's panels, then, could roughly supply the energy needs of a typical US household... on a sunny summer day, with 10 hours of good sunlight.

The batteries help meet peak demand during events, and smooth out cloudy moments.  

It would take about 36 hours for the trailer's solar array to fully charge the battery pack, without any additional outflow. Obviously, the trailer arrives at events with a full charge. :).

The trailer is about 8 feet wide, and 16 feet end-to-end, with panels unfolded and deployed. The entire panel array tilts to face perpendicular to the sun, up to a maximum of 9 feet high.

Solar 2U