We can set up our trailer, walk away, and you'll have all the clean, quiet, reliable electricity you'll need.

But we can do a lot more. We teach!

The trailer has on-board real-time informatics to show the energy flow at your event.

What else?

• A 5-bicycle generator that can power a band all by itself. Participants can lock their own bicycle into a training stand and contribute their energy.

• A stationary exercise bike generator that demonstrates the hard work it takes to light some bulbs.

• A solar hot water box with solar pump.

• Solar ovens for baking.

• A sausage cooker that uses the sun.

• Solar concentrators for heating water or lighting a fire.

• A big kit of small solar panels, wires, motors, and multimeters.

We've taught kids of all ages how to connect these to power small cars, boats, even kinetic art!

Eric Muhs, the builder of the solar trailer, is an award-winning physics, astronomy, and math teacher, and an enthusiastic explainer.

Based on decades of creative science teaching experience, he can help craft an educational program that works with your audience and context.